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Peace my name is Almal pronounced (all male)  i am a certified herbalist and the creator of Universoul Healing CS. Almal means oneness & that is the foundation of my agenda to push oneness & peace. I see Everyone as a reflection of me. There is no separation just collective consciousness experiencing individuality in a physical vessel. So helping people (other selves) is Iike helping myself. This may come off as a selfish act still lol but I began my business in 2015, a year after i started my spiritual journey. I started consuming natural elements such as gold, silver, iridium, copper & platinum.  All with profound results but silver stood out the most with its magical effect on my immune system and skin. Since i been taking Colloidal Silver (6 yrs) i have not experience any sickness fever common cold or my regular breakouts. Silver has made a great impact on my health & i would like to give back to the world this wonder magical gift i found. All my products i sell i make with love & use regularly.
I am well informed on all products & ingredients through experience & intensive research.

Daily mantra “ i am align with the universe in a positively abundant way. All that is good is mine. Asè

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